Kenny Beedyeyes Smith Drum Rider

Technical Drum Rider For Kenny Beedy Eyes Smith

Many of Kenny beedyeyes Smith Drum Fans and Drummers from all over the world have been asking what are some of Kenny’s Drum Specification when he is performing Nationally and international, so by special request here is his Preferred Technical Drum Rider.

Drum set meeting the following requirements:

  1. One (1) 5-piece high quality drum set 
  2. 22×15 inch bass drum,
  3. 14-inch Snare
  4. 12 or 13-inc Rack Tom
  5. 16-inch Floor Tom with legs
  6. Three (3) Cymbal Stands
  7. Hi Hat Stand
  8. Drum Throne
  9. Single Foot Pedal Chain 
  10. Snare Stand

1 Heavy Ride cymbal 20″or 22″ and one 16″ crash cymbal, Two 14″ Hi hats,

Also please provide extra drumheads and a drum key for all drums on carpeted or Riser.