Kenny Beedyeyes Smith will be performing in Luzern Switzerland on Nov 14 2013

Kenny Beedyeyes Smith will be performing at The Luzern Switzerland Blues Festival on Nov 14 2013


A handful Crazy Blues in Lucerne. They love their music, they love concerts – but there are few opportunities in Switzerland to experience true, authentic live blues. So the idea to organize a private Blues Festival is produced. 1995 has arrived: the initiators present with a budget of only 35,000 francs in the first Roller Palace Lucerne Blues Festival.


Many of them are ridiculed as a spinner, the festival will be given little chance of survival. But the idealists do not give up – the laughs interesting to look at, recognition takes year after year, the audience numbers are steadily increasing. According to the closure of the Roller Palace is found in 1997 in Casino Lucerne is an ideal new home. Meanwhile, take the activities of the Festival a big part program already over a week. 29 of 12 artists concerts are performed. The public performances are sold out to the rafters. The budget has climbed to about 1 million francs. , the Lucerne Blues Festival is now an institution and is among connoisseurs as one of the world’s most competent and most important blues festivals. To the main thing is that the philosophy (see also the festival), thanks again each year creates a class program.