Kenny Smith DrummerRead what other greats in the music business (OR BLUES LOVERS) have to say about Kenny Smith!

“Kenny Smith is one of my all time favorite drummers- he listens and reacts well, can play in many different diverse musical settings, knows when to lay back and also when to push and drive the band, and always is so calm, cool, and collected, all while having an absolute ball! Although he is already one of the best blues drummers on the scene, he is always improving and evolving his already well established skills. I feel like Kenny is a very influential person in the blues world, not only as a young talented drummer, but more importantly because of him as a person- he is a man of great character, honesty, humility, humor, and quiet leadership with great positive energy.”
–Kevin Johnson Delmark Records

“If anyone asked me who some of the musicians are that I would consider for drums on one of my Blues recordings, the first name that comes to mind is always Kenny Smith. Kenny and I have worked together on many records over the years and he is without doubt the most reliable, the most committed and motivated, and the most fun drummer to have on session. He brings a sensibility and an energy to the music that is rare. He always gives 150%. In short he makes a huge and positive difference to every recording he is a part of. He has made all the difference on my records and I’m proud to know him, both as a colleague and as a friend.” –Michael Freeman, 2011 Recipient “Keeping The Blues Alive Award” – Producer and Producer, Grammy Award Winner “Best Traditional Blues Album” 2010 Awards, “Joined At The Hip,” Pinetop Perkins & Willie “Big Eyes” Smith

“Kenny “Beedy Eyes” Smith is, simply put, one of today’s greatest blues drummers. It is from his rich upbringing as the son of the legendary Willie “Big Eyes” Smith, that Kenny absorbed all the nuances of “old school” blues drumming. This is an art that most in his youthful generation would never understand, let alone excel in. It is Kenny’s amazing aptitude in the rich tradition of blues drumming, and his instinctual approach as a sensitive team player, that makes Kenny the most sought after session and gig drummer in Chicago. His professional demeanor, strong work ethic, and like-able, down-to-earth personality add to the greatness. If you want perfect blues drumming with all of the gravy, go to Kenny “Beedy Eyes” Smith.”
–Bob Corritore

“Kenny Smith has joined the ranks of great Chicago blues drummers. Men like Fred Below, Odie Payne, Sam Lay, and of course Willie Smith laid down the foundation of modern Chicago blues drumming. Kenny Smith carries this great tradition on into the future.” –Brett J. Bonner, Editor, Living Blues Magazine

“Kenny Smith has been given important traditions. As the son of the great blues drummer, Willie “Big Eyes” Smith, Kenny was handed his sticks and lessons as a child. In an age when drummers pound, Kenny swings so understated, you can almost forget there is a drummer behind the kit. Because of his understanding of the blues shuffle, Kenny is the in-demand drummer for sessions and tours. Most recently, Kenny has distinguished himself as a powerful singer who brings passion and soulfulness to everything he sings. In all, Kenny Smith is a musician who lives deeply in the blues, respects its traditions, and continually pushes the music forward.”
–Art Tipaldi, Editor, Blues Revue Magazine

“Kenny Smith has the same personality as his dad, the late great Willie ‘Big Eyes’ Smith. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! Kenny is one of the most modern and best drummers in the blues circuit. He will never walk past you without saying hello. He will never turn away from his fans for a conversation and Kenny is always willing to talk and discuss blues music or other subjects. And also… Kenny is not an ordinary musician! In a recent discussion with Bob Stroger… Bob unveiled that Kenny is like his own son. And that means a lot! Right? Kenny is also one of the nicest guys I know in the blues business. He is a real gentleman… with his heart in the right place. If you hear Kenny singing and you close your eyes… you would swear that Willie Smith was singing. I’m always very impressed with Kenny. It’s always a pleasure to talk. Kenny Smith is a person to cherish! –Philip, Back to the Roots, Belgium

“If you’re looking for a drummer who can play any style of blues or traditional R&B with soul and sensitivity, look no further than Kenny Smith. He has great chops, a terrific, positive attitude, and always comes to play the song, not just play a proscribed part. And if you want someone with the classic Chicago blues feel and technique, there’s no one better in the world, period.”
–Bruce Iglauer, President, Alligator Records

“Boy, you know you are a bad Motor Scooter.” –Hubert Sumlin

“Teenachi (Pinetop’s nickname for Kenny), you sound just like your father did when we played with Muddy and I love you.”
–Pinetop Perkins

“You got it now. You’re a man now. I’m proud of you.” –Willie “Big Eyes” Smith

“Kenny Smith is one of the best blues drummer out here and he come from one of the greatest bloodline in the blues.”
–Kim Wilson, The Fabulous Thunderbirds

“Kenny Smith is one of the hardest working drummers in Chicago or anywhere and rightfully So!! He is the link between the heart of Chicago Blues and Modern times, you can’t find anyone better.–Lil Frank

“I look at Kenny Smith as family. Not only because of the relationship my dad and his dad had, but because of him, my brother. He is one of the greatest drummers in the world. He talks about me not falling far from the tree but he is more than what Willie and his mom could have expected of a son.” –Mud Morganfield

“Kenny “Beedy Eyes” Smith is certainly the most in-demand Chicago Blues drummer in the world today. He carries on the drumming sound, style and legacy of his legendary father, Willie “Big Eyes” Smith while adding his own responsive and exciting versatility. He also carries on the friendliness and grace of the older generation of Chicago Blues legends like Hubert Sumlin, Bob Stroger, and of course his father. With all that going on, when Kenny sings, either behind the drums or in front of the band, he shows that he’s a soulful Blues singer and captivating entertainer too. You can’t hear Kenny or meet him without walking away with a big smile. In this photo I took in 1977, Muddy Waters and Gatemouth Brown couldn’t know that the baby would be carrying on the style and spirit of their powerful music long after they’re gone. But he is.”
–Bob Margolin


“Proving that “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” after experiencing Kenny Smith’s drumming live onstage, I can emphatically state that there’s something spiritual about Kenny’s drumming. One cannot ignore his in the pocket backbeat and flawless time. Having been taught the blues by his famous father, one can also hear that he would be just as comfortable on a gospel, jazz or and R&B set! If he is the future of the blues, then business is good!”
–Big LLou Johnson, Singer/Songwriter and Voice of BB Kings Bluesville

“There are good reasons that Kenny Smith is one of the busiest working blues musicians anywhere. His excellent and supportive drumming has earned him steady work with a wide variety of bands on stage and in the studio. He can be counted on to bring a master’s grasp of the Chicago blues tradition (instilled in large part by his father, legendary drummer Willie “Big Eyes” Smith), along with an outstanding sense of how to listen and what’s appropriate, and a solid and positive personality. Now he’s singing, too; look out, world! Kenny’s resume and discography are already lengthy; his bright future should add to them immensely, and reward any and all who continue to call upon his musical services.” –Dick Shurman, producer and historian

“Kenny Smith is a young man of considerable taste, truly a dynamic, first class drummer of the first magnitude. He is a world class drummer, internationally known, sort after by musicians all over the world he is the #1 and best blues drummer, It is a pleasure to know him and to work with him.”
–Billy Boy Arnold

“Kenny Smith is one of the brightest young stars in the blues galaxy. It always brings a smile to my face when I turn around and see my friend Kenny Smith sitting at the drum kit. Kenny Smith is not only a great drummer, but a real gentleman. The blues needs musicians like Kenny Smith to survive in the 21st century.” –Harlan Terson

“Kenny Smith has quickly established himself as Chicago’s favorite Blues drummer. His playing is infused with the history of the Blues, and yet sounds fresh and contemporary. And, like his father, he is one great guy, and easy and fun to work with.” –Sam Burckhardt

“I’ve played many gigs over the past 15 years or so with Kenny. When he started playing drums he was good and he just keeps getting better and better. Kenny not only learned from the greats, he has now become one. He is the drummer who will carry the tradition of real Chicago blues drumming to the next generation. A hundred years from now drummers will be saying, “Man I got to get that Kenny Smith thing down”. I always look forward to seeing him on the bandstand with that great smile. I’m proud to call him a friend.”
–Rick Kreher

“Wow, Kenny is one of the nicest guys I know. He is a gentleman and a good business man and Kenny is the best blues drummer in Chicago IL. I love working with him and we do lot of work together and he is my friend and just like my son.” –Bob Stroger

“Kenny “Beedy Eyes” Smith is not only a great drummer, he is a gifted all-around musician, producer and educator and a world-class blues artist in his own right who invariably brings so much and so many intangibles to every musical situation he participates in. His ultimate goal and engagement is always in service to the ensemble and the music, and because of that, he makes everyone around him better. That is what a great ensemble player is all about. Drumming is in Kenny’s blood, having the distinct privilege of growing up at the feet of the pioneers of the Chicago Blues and learning first-hand from his legendary father and long-time drummer for Muddy Waters, Willie “Big-Eyes” Smith. Kenny is carrying on his father’s legacy and other seminal blues drummers such as Fred Below, Odie Payne, SP Leary, Francis Clay and others. But it would be inaccurate to merely lump Kenny into the “blues-drummer “category because he carries his talent to a variety of musical styles and brings with him all those qualities that make him a valuable asset to any music project.” –Larry Skoller, Grammy-Nominated Producer, Director, Raisin Music Productions

“When I go to Chicago to play, the #1 drummer I call is Kenny Smith. He can play it all. I always have a great time when I play with Kenny. I’m grateful to have met such a professional and gentleman.” –John Garcia

“Kenny Smith… Great guy, great musician. Always the perfect touch, a gifted entertainer, Kenny is a consummate drummer who respects his legendary musical heritage, shares it with every audience, and lovingly passes his gifts to the next generation. Knowing and performing with Kenny is an honor and a privilege. He is my friend for life.” –Mister Mojo, MOJO & The Bayou Gypsies

“When I’m playing with Kenny, I completely forget that there’s a person holding wooden sticks back there, beating on some drums. I just feel music. I’ve realized over the years that the very best musicians aren’t the ones who make you sit up and take notice of the players and their chops, their speed, their power or their technique–they’re the ones who magically make you forget that there ARE even players up there, because all you hear and feel is the emotion, beauty and soul of the music. If you think that me forgetting that we even have a drummer on stage when it’s Kenny Smith back there isn’t the highest compliment, then, to quote Dave Mason, “we just disagree.'” –Johnny Iguana

“One of the first things you realize about Kenny is that he is a consummate professional , on and off stage, then you realize though he comes from one of the richest Blues lineages in History, he is not only in my opinion the best Blues drummer in the world, he is one of the Best Drummers in the world. A student of World percussion Kenny is at home in whatever the genre of Music he’s asked to perform, I am truly honored to call him a colleague and a friend, You can’t go wrong with Kenny Smith on Drums.” –Bill Sims Jr.

“Talking about SOLID!!!! Solid as a drummer and solid as a man. You are talking about Kenny Smith. Everybody who knows him wants him in their band.” –Deitra Farr (Mama D)

“Kenny Smith has one of the best feels for both blues and rock music. He timing is impeccable and is a pleasure to play with and a great personality.” –Keith Scott

“Kenny Smith is one of the last humans on Earth who actually knows how to play Blues drums. He is a consummate pro with incredible time and groove who makes everyone else around him sound better.” –A.J. Love

“I could try to put all the nice things I have to say about Kenny Smith into one short statement, but that’s pretty tough to do. Kenny Smith is the greatest drummer I have ever seen. Period. Beyond being born into it, Kenny has done his homework, and has a true understanding, and love for the Blues. Obviously, he was paying attention growing up. Kenny Smith understands what a groove is. He understands dynamics. He plays drums in a way nobody else seems to grasp. Old school, or new, as long as you give him a tempo, he’s right there. He makes it fun to play music! Kenny is literally the meaning of ‘The Next Generation of Blues’. On top of all that, he has class. You could not ask for a better person to do business with. I say this about Kenny Smith because I love him like a brother. And I don’t even like anybody.” –Tad Walters

“I’ve known Kenny Smith since he was about 16. He would come out and play drums with us and his father, Willie. He was the nicest kid back then and now has grown up to be a remarkable man. Since then I have played dozens of gigs, recorded, and collaborated on design projects with Kenny. His combination of pure talent, positive attitude, and creativity puts Kenny Smith on my highest level of regard. Kenny inspired me to write the title track of the Special 20s, Eatin’ Dirt, with his wonderful words of wisdom. Kenny is a true pleasure to work with and I am honored to know him.” –Ted Beranis

“I have recorded Kenny on countless recording projects and he is by far one of the most creative and imaginative drummer/percussionists I’ve had the pleasure of working with. No one can shuffle like he can and he shines at Rock, R&B, and any other genre you can name.” –Blaise Barton, Grammy Award winning Producer / Engineer JoyRide Studio, Chicago

“Kenny has been one of the best blues drummers in Chicago – where there is a LOT of blues drummers – since before he was old enough to get into a blues club. Nowadays, nobody can touch him!” –Scott Dirts

“Kenny Smith is a contemporary blues master. The entire blues vocabulary is intact inside this artist and with this vocabulary Kenny makes statements that are simultaneously deeply traditional and brand new. He possesses the knowledge of the most well-versed archivist and the sound and energy of an innovator; there is never a false moment. Simply put he is one of the baddest–(shut my mouths)– on the planet.” –Matthew Skoller

“Always humble, on and off the bandstand, never looking for the spotlight, Kenny is a classy man. He is ever faithful as a friend, and always reliable and responsible as a musician. From a performance point of view, what I love most about Kenny is his musicality. Indeed, his drums sing with the band and his timing is impeccable. A human metronome! He is also an uncanny listener. He adds rhythmic touches to whoever leads a song, be they a singer or a lead instrument. He is a subtle player, never loud, always soulful. He sounds as wonderful with coins, with a simple cardboard as he does with brushes or a full drum-kit. Kenny is a dream to play with, and he is one of my closest friends though he is half my age. I consider him a member of my family.” –Pierre Lacocque

“I have known Kenny since he was a kid and I have been playing and recording and touring with him for almost 20 years. He is one of the very best blues drummers I have played alongside. He has merged his Dad’s sound with his own style and the result is instantly recognizable as his very own. He is the first choice for a whole lot of musicians around the world!” –Barrelhouse Chuck

“One of the baddest backbeats I’ve ever heard. In the studio or in the clubs, Kenny’s always a pleasure to work with. A versatile drummer specializing in traditional Chicago blues, Kenny’s always closely listens to the players around him – a true sign of a great musician.”
–Dave Specter

“Kenny’s drumming sound is beautiful. I can feel from his playing how much he loves blues and how much he loves music. He is always a natural and thoughtful person. I can relax when I play with him and I respect him, Kenny Beedy eyes Smith is the best chicago blues drummer” –Rie

“Kenny “Beedy Eyes” Smith is carrying on the legacy of his father the late, great Willie “Big Eyes” Smith as the foremost blues drummer in the Chicago blues world. Kenny is the most in-demand blues drummer in the world and for good reason: he’s a “human metronome” who has mastered the art of traditional Chicago blues drumming. His blues shuffle is the “gold standard” for blues drummers everywhere and he plays with a feeling that is natural, tasteful, and refined but also very powerful. Kenny is able to make more music with a snare drum, brushes and high hat than most blues drummers these days can make with their oversized modern drum kits. Perhaps what is most remarkable about Kenny is how well he “listens” to his band mates while he is playing with them and his almost telepathic ability to anticipate and respond to their playing at any given second during a live performance or recording session. It’s an honor for me to be a friend of his and play music with him on a regular basis.” –Joseph Nosek, Cash Box Kings

“Kenny Smith creates great Chicago blues every time he gets on the bandstand.” –Rockin Johnny

“Kenny Smith is a good person; sincere, humble and honest with a charitable heart which was demonstrated with the Louisiana Swamp Stomp CD. As a drummer he plays the pocket with a solid groove and gives his fellow band members impeccable timing to rely on. He is dedicated, responsible, reliable and respectful.” –Dawn O’Keefe Williams

“Kenny is a consummate professional & gem of a musician and person. The first day I meant Kenny, I instantly knew I wanted him to be my drummer & my friend. Musically, professionally, & personally, Kenny is the total package which is why he is one of the most in demand drummers in the world. Specifically, Kenny is known internationally as one of the top blues drummers. However, he is exceptionally versatile and can excel at virtually any genre with his great sense of groove and creativity. No matter what type of music, Kenny plays what is appropriate with confidence & style. Not to mention, Kenny has a deep, powerful, & soulful voice which he continues to showcase with increasing frequency. No matter if you are a musician & get the opportunity to perform with Kenny, or if you are a music fan & get the opportunity to hear Kenny, consider it a privilege & an honor.” –Matt Stedman

“In my book Kenny is my drummer of choice. He’s EVERYBODY’s drummer of choice, what more can I say? My only regret is not being able to do more things with him due to the distance between Madison and Chicago.” –Cadillac Rob

“Playing with Kenny Smith has taught me so much about being a musician. Rhythm, Dynamics, timing, being a front man, professionalism. Kenny was really the first professional drummer I started playing with and it changed everything for me. On top of all of his skills, he is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet.” –Morry Sochat, The Special 20’s

“Kenny Smith is truly a son of the blues. Brought up near Muddy Waters Drive on Chicago’s south side, the son of Willie ‘Big Eyes” Smith, Kenny is keeping the Blues alive behind the drums as well as being able to lead his own combo singing the songs that have been an important part of the blues heritage throughout the years. It’s always been a pleasure to work with Kenny at the Chicago Blues Festival in all kinds of contexts but more important it’s been an honor to think of Kenny as a friend.” –Barry Dolins

“Kenny Smith is by far the most versatile, innovative drummer on the Chicago Blues scene today. His creativity and enthusiasm has made a huge difference in the recordings we’ve made together.” –Rick Bates- Bates Meyer Inc., Personal Manager for Lurrie Bell and Otis Rush

“Kenny Smith is a member of the Royal Blues Family and Keeper of the Blues Flame. Groove Master in the 1st Degree.”
–Big Bill Morganfield

“Kenny Smith learned his craft from one of the best and it shows. He is one of the most sought after session musicians in the Blues business. He is so gifted with talent that much like his father, it would not surprise anyone if someday he started playing a second instrument and fronting his own band.” –Bob Kieser, Publisher Blues Blast Magazine

“I have had the privilege of recording Kenny Smith on two releases for The Sirens Records. Kenny is the consummate professional who plays with high energy and good feeling. He is an integral part of the Chicago blues community.”
–Steven Dolin’s, President, The Sirens Records

“Kenny is a phenomenal drummer and the nicest guy you’ll ever meet.”Kenny is a great american blues drummer –Andrew Diehl

“The drums go deep into the soul and talks with the musical spirits. Kenny “Beedy Eyes” Smith is a consummate drummer.”
–Harmonica Hinds

“Kenny Smith is one of my favorite young drummers! His music is great and he is such a nice guy. Can’t wait to hear him play the blues again!” –Tom Foley

“When I get on the gig and see Kenny behind the drums, I know it’ll be a good night.” –Paul Kaye

“Kenny is a drummer’s drummer. Probably the most sought after drummer by the top bluesmen in the blues capital of the world. That should tell you all you need to know. But Kenny is also highly respected and approachable, and is a humble player despite his blues lineage. Even Kenny doesn’t yet realize how many fans he has across Chicagoland and throughout the blues world, and he could already rest on the contributions that he has already made to recorded music, yet he is just getting started.” –BlackJack, Blues DJ at 90.9fm WDCB and Board Member of Windy City Blues Society

“I’ve been recording American blues and roots music for over 35 years and Kenny Smith is what we in the business term a “first call musician”. He’s a great player, he’s reliable, and he brings a positive attitude to every project. Quite simply, he’s a pleasure to work with and a great guy to know.” –Jerry, Blind PIG Records

“Kenny Smith possesses such a natural, intuitive sense of groove and space that playing with him is effortless. The pocket is always deep and the entire band thrives because of it.” –Brian Burke

“Kenny Smith is an incredible player whose drumming combines a total immersion in the blues tradition and a great contemporary feel; he is a rare, powerful and elegant musician and personal!!” –Vincent Bucher

“When you’re playing with Kenny, you can be sure you have someone back there who is tuned in…Really listening and responding to you at all times. That is what music is all about, and where the magic happens, and Kenny gets that. He’s a special kind of musician, my favorite kind.” –Ernie Hendrickson

I saw you at Blues on the Fox and all over Chicago Blues Festival. You are everywhere because you are the best. And I admire you for getting out from behind the drum kit and singing on the Petrillo Stage in front of thousands of blues fans in Grant Park. You have guts. And your eyes are pretty, not beedy. But those nicknames stick forever, I guess. Linda Cain Publisher/Managing Editor at Chicago Blues Guide

Kenneth is one of the best drummers and nicest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing and working with. His father Willie “Big Eyes” Smith and my father Jimmy Rogers were very very good friends through life. Kenny and I have known each other for many years. If you need a professional drummer with a rock solid meter, an ear and feel for the groove…someone you can count on to “meet you at the corner” for the turnaround…then…Kenny’s your man! Mr. Jimmy D. Lane

Excellent Kenny!!! I knew from back in the day when I was a member of the Legendary Blues Band with your Dad, and you would come and sit in from time to time, that one day you would become a force to be reckoned with. Now that day has come and unlike when it comes to most people who plateau and reaches a limit, you just keep skyrocketing up. Hope to play with you again sometime. Daryl Davis

Kenny Smith is the best Blues Drummer on the scene today and he is dedicated to performing your Music with the highest level of care. Everytime we’ve performed together I got chills in my skin from the grooves that Kenny plays for me,Chicago Shuffle/Texas Shuffle you name it Kenny can play it. John Nelson

Kenny “Beedy Eyes” Smith is living proof that the Blues will continue to grow he is one of the greatest blues Drummers that I know. Billy Flynn

Kenny is simply the supreme drummer, Hardcore swing, and surprising power with a light touch, his fresh style rooted is deeply rooted in the best of the blues. Just listening to his kick and hat makes me wanna boogie! Big Head Todd

Kenny Smith is my favorite Blues Drummer and he knows how to play a blues shuffle,Kenny is one of the top ten Greatest Blues Drummers and I am honored to have had the chance to play with him, Mark Jackson

Kenny Beedy eyes Smith is a great Chicago Blues Drummer who play the music from his heart he is by far the best blues drummer around today,his drumming shuffles are so magical and I really enjoy playing with him each and every time. Shawn Farrell

Kenny Beedy eyes Smith is The Best Drummer of the Blues he is a great young man and I enjoy listening to him, he continues to carry on the blues with a feeling hitting on those skins. Pete Shimmer

Watching Kenny Smith play those Drums bring a smile to my face, he is a master of blues drumming he keeps the tradition alive for all of us to hear I look forward to seeing Kenny again. Karl Raddison

Kenny Smith is a true star––a fantastic musician and person. He plays with unsurpassed skill, style and professionalism––and is one of the few drummers in the world who can drive a band and deliver authentic traditional blues as well as more modern approaches. He’s truly the best. Rob Stone

Kenny Smith is my favorite drummer of all times, I never have to worry when he is on the skins, his timing on the drums is impeccable and what a great guy to watch when he is performing so much energy in his smile and drumming really inspires me to perform at my best. Jake Anderson

This guy knows his stuff I mean Wow! I love his drumming skills he makes it looks so easy but that is far from the truth, performing with him keeps me inspired to play better when we are on the stage. Randy Burd

Kenny beedy eyes Smith what a pleasure to play with a master of the blues drums, I love his rhythm and timing in my opinion kenny is the world greatest blues drummer and i say this from my heart. Eric Coleman

Kenny Smith has become my first call for every job on my calendar, I enjoy every minute I get to spend with him whether on stage or off. Crash & Burn, Kenny!!! Marty Big Dog Mercer

I am a big fan of Kenny’s drumming he makes it look so easy and relaxed performing on stage with him always brings me joy and he is for sure is the top blues drummer in the world, what a true blues musician he is. Marvin MacDonald

What a pleasure to work with Kenny beedyeyes Smith, he is the best blues drummer that i have ever heard and perform with on stage, I mean wow he is the real deal blues drummer. Brad Banks

Kenny is my favorite blues drummer to work with and I love his drumming style, and if you did not know he is world famous blues drummer just like his father Willie Big Eye’s Smith. Jonathan Callahan

Authentic blues drumming is often replaced by modern beats. Blues is great to dance to but blues is also about emotion, feeling, passion and healing. When Kenny Smith plays, he never fails to touch your heart; he is so in sync with the music. Sensitive and intuitive, he always plays the blues from the depths of his soul. As a time keeper, he is sheer perfection. Forget the moniker “Beedy Eyes.” He is Time Lord Kenny. Linda Cain, Editor/Founder, Chicago Blues Guide

Kenny Smith is my all time favorite blues drummer, he plays the drums with ease and I can tell he is having so much fun, he is the master of blues drums, by far the best musician and a great guy. thanks Kenny and I look forward to seeing you again soon. Jason Maxon

Kenny plays with great feeling and energy and is always listening and responding to the musicians around him, which makes him great fun to play with. Ari Seder

I LOVE working with Kenny “Beedy Eyes” Smith. I trust his mad skills.  He is always in the pocket and I know that I can count on him to lead the band and I can focus on my performance. Kimberly “Hot Sauce” Johnson

I really enjoy Kenny’s blues drumming, He is for sure one of my top 10 blues drummers in the world, and he is such a great guy. Kyle Robinson

Kenny is a blues master on those drums, I have learn so much from listening to him perform live and from listening to his blues drum samples, Thanks Kenny for all of your support. James Crawford

Kenny Beedyeyes Smith really has a true authentic blues beat, no one else sounds like him when he plays the drums, He is a master blues drummer and a nice guy with a big heart. Stephanie Ohara