Bob Stroger and Kenny Beedy Eyes Smith New CD KEEPIN IT TOGETHER 2014



The Legendary Bob Stroger and Kenny “Beedy Eyes” Smith have been connected for decades- both on a personal and musical level. Their newly released album, Keepin’ It Together, is truly a family affair.


Their special bond, sprung from their relationships with the beloved and late Willie
“Big Eyes” Smith, who was Kenny’s father and the drummer for Muddy Waters for over 20 years. Willie and Bob spent endless hours together, on and off stage. For Kenny and Bob, completing Keepin’ It Together allowed them to do what they do best- pay tribute to their style of blues and honor the great musicians that came before them. The spirit of those late greats comes through loud and clear.


Bob and Kenny have been recognized by many as being at the top of their musical game and their lists of individual and joint accomplishments are impressive.Both Kenny and Bob contributed to Joined At The Hip, acollaboration between Willie “Big Eyes” Smith and Pinetop Perkins, which won a Grammy in 2011. For Kenny and Bob, this would have marked the last time they joined forces with Willie and Pinetop for a project of its kind. Bob and Kenny were driven to create Keepin’ It Together as a way to carry on their blues traditions.


Bob and Kenny were thrilled with the idea of creating an album so that they could share their unique gift with the world and produce a project that would forever be a part of blues history. Keepin’ ItTogether is a family recording. It flows from the life line of their musical heritage. It is their oral tradition that can be passed down from generation to generation. BIG EYE Records