Top Tips For Beginner Drummers

How To Play Drums

Learn to Play Drums – More Top Tips For Beginners!

Learning to play the drums can sometimes be frustrating and confusing, and some give up because they think it is too difficult. Always remember learning to play the drums should be an enjoyable experience. With the right guidance and basic equipment, you can begin playing the drums in no time. Here are tips for the beginners on how they can learn drums easily and successfully.

How to hold the sticks.

Most modern drummers tend to hold the sticks in the matched grip with the palms turned down, and the sticks held in the hands by the thumb and first fingers, but the traditional method is for the left hand to be held palm up with the stick laying across the palm underneath the thumb and between the 2nd & 3rd fingers. I believe this promotes far more control and dexterity from the wrist and allows greater versatility as you improve your skill.

Rudimentary Exercises

When you start to play an instrument, you need to play exercises that will increase the dexterity and suppleness of the wrists and fingers. The drums are no exception, and I would recommend practicing the following exercises.

Playing 4 beats to the bar and alternate between left and right hand for 4 bars and then reverse to right and left hand like this //LRLR//LRLR//LRLR//LRLR// //RLRL//RLRL//RLRL//RLRL//. Each stroke should be of the same weight. Start off very slowly and gradually increase the speed.

The Paradiddle – This is a great exercise for strengthening the wrists and improving left and right-hand co-ordination and needs a lot of practice to be perfect, but is well worth the effort in the long term.

Again start playing 4 beats to the bar for 4 bars and next reverse as follows: – //RLRR//LRLL//RLRR//LRLL// //LRLL//RLRR//LRLL//RLRR//. Begin very slowly and gradually accelerate the speed and then when you feel you’re getting it, try to double the speed to eight beats to the bar.

Don’t forget that the drumbeats drive the rhythm and timing for the rest of the band, and it is essential that a good drummer, apart from anything else, can keep perfect timing, just like a metronome.

In conclusion, look for some inspiration and motivation, watch and listen to some great technical drumming lots can be found on (YouTube). If you are serious about learning to play drums.